Posted on May 15 2007 16:41  / Education

'Thoughts Prompted by Bekir at iterating toward openness'''

This made me think about a continuum of mechanisms for teaching:

  1. Relying exclusively on resources
  2. Relying primarily on resources, augmenting these resources with a relationship
  3. Relying primarily on a relationship, augmenting the relationship with resources
  4. Relying exclusively on a relationship

Examples of each of these would be:

  1. An intelligent tutoring system (or even a traditional correspondence course), where the learner interacts exclusively with previously prepared resources and never develops a relationship with a human being.
  2. A traditional online class or traditional campus-based undergraduate course, where the learner interacts mostly with resources (taking a “talk at you” lecture as just another a resource) but occasionally interacts with a faculty member or TA during office hours or in an online forum.
  3. A doctoral program or apprenticeship, in which the learner spends significant amounts of time interacting directly with a mentor, and those interactions are supplemented by readings and other resources.
  4. A grandmother, who loves and cares and teaches without explicit reference to journal articles, textbooks, or other resources.