Technology for Teaching and Learning at WCSU

We would like to invite all academic and administrative faculty along with university administrators who are interested in creating an ongoing conversation about the pedagogy, instructional design and strategy, research, policy and decision-making as it applies to online learning and teaching at WCSU. Participants will be encouraged to participate in a round-table discussion on these and other topics related to educational technology and cyberspace.

Issues to discuss


This site provides a wiki where it is hoped that we can:

The wiki currently exists as an outline. Please help flesh out this outline by contributing a description of the topic, what the possible points of view about the topic might be, and a defense or argument for a particular point of view. Stick to the outline if you can but feel free to enter new topics. The objective is to come up with a coherent description, explanation, and position relevant to each topic. You are free to comment on pages but discussions about topics should be carried out on the blog .

The wiki is wide open. Anyone can add a page, anyone can edit a page, anyone can add a comment. It is suggested that author entries be initialed but it very likely in the final version of the document all attribution will be removed. Try and be sensitive in you edits.



It is imagined that this space will be used for the discussion concerning areas where consensus needs to be built before a clear and coherent statement about an issue can be entered into the wiki. This area can also be used to float ideas, post relevant links, make announcements, share news or other information useful to the group.

Entries in the blog can be signed and are not editable after being posted. Entries can be responded to. Both areas provide RSS feeds to make keeping up easier (if that ever should be come a problem.).


Open Policy

Unfortunately due to wiki and blog spam it may be necessary at some point in time require some kind of login in order to post to these areas. We'll deal with it when we have to .



Brian Kennison