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Dad :::: People
Posted at 16.Mar,2013 13:33  /

Mother :::: People
Posted at 09.Mar,2013 00:51  /

State Capital :::: Places
Posted at 29.Oct,2011 17:51  /

In Hartford for a little conference,

Down by the Weekeepeemee :::: Places
Posted at 29.Oct,2011 17:43  /

Roses like the bright sun :::: Places
Posted at 19.Jun,2011 11:37  /

Reading room at Boston Public :::: Places
Posted at 26.Apr,2011 11:46  /

This is a pretty nice room and ithere were a lot of people there.

On our Sunday walk :::: Places
Posted at 04.Apr,2011 00:37  /

This farm is just down the road from us and it's got a kind of "shabby" appeal to it. (the owners may not share these thoughts)

It's just a full moon :::: Places
Posted at 19.Mar,2011 16:25  /

Shadow :::: Places
Posted at 21.Feb,2011 23:18  /

Same window at Met just looking the other way,

Central Park :::: Places
Posted at 21.Feb,2011 23:18  /

Looking out a window of the Met torward Central Park.

Picture Effect Magic :::: People
Posted at 15.Feb,2011 01:23  /

Just for fun.

Connecticut's Old State House :::: Places
Posted at 13.Feb,2011 07:10  /

We went to Hartford tonight to see a play at Hartford Stage ( Snow Falling on Cedars ) and this is the best shot of the night ( not saying much )

Still winter here :::: Places
Posted at 13.Feb,2011 07:09  /

This was yesterday morning. Last night we had rain and today it was 40. We needed a little melt down.

It's warm somewhere in the world :::: Places
Posted at 25.Jan,2011 12:15  /

This morning while I'm contemplating clearing the driveway of snow so that I can get off the hill and go to work my brother Carey sends me this picture. Is that fair? (One Ritz-Carlton Drive, Dana Point, California 92629 USA )

Baby it's cold outside :::: Places
Posted at 24.Jan,2011 12:50  /

Arctic chill.

Winter in CT :::: Places
Posted at 21.Jan,2011 18:36  /

The picture says it all

Evening Sky Woodbury :::: Places
Posted at 15.Nov,2009 22:02  /

NYC :::: Places
Posted at 14.Nov,2009 14:20  /

Utah :::: Places
Posted at 05.Mar,2009 02:37  /

Jackson, NH :::: People
Posted at 05.Mar,2009 02:21  /

Looking over the hill :::: Places
Posted at 06.Jul,2008 14:01  /

This is the view behind our house.

Keegans on base :::: People
Posted at 22.Jun,2008 16:01  /

Always listen to the coach!

Screen Doors :::: Ideas
Posted at 22.Jun,2008 15:47  /

I saw these screen doors at the White Flower Farm and I think I can make some for the back door.