Santander and ApplePay

I tried to use the Sovereign card with ApplePay this morning and it was declined. This happend earlier when we tried to use it for Corby's jacket. It worked if I entered the infomation so I know the card is good so there must be something involving the ApplePay.

I called them but got no real answer.

Monthly Charges

These Are Roughly Monthly Expenses

Monthly: $1,711 | Yearly: 20,533

Service Month Year
Apple 25.95 311.40
ATT 160.00 1,920.00
Bantam (oil) 270.00 3,240.00
DirecTV 115.91 1,391.00
Eversource (electric) 240.002,882.00
Linode 12.12 145.00
NetFliXs 16.44 197.64
NYT 17.17 206.00
Prime 14.98 180.00
Spectrum 64.99 779.88
State Farm (house and cars) 240.16 2,882
Woodbury (taxes) 533.33 6,400

Excess of about $4,000 a month.

Figure out US and CT income tax? But most of this is already witheld.