Trip Update

March 27 2020

I tried to create an email with these pictures but it was too big. Today is our fist day in Oklahoma and we have phone service and access to the internet so I was able to put them all in the webpage. Anyway....

Organ Mountains Las Cruces

We spent a lot of time in Texas and enjoyed our crawl over the the Big Bend and then up through El Passo. We crossed over into NM and spent three night in these mountains not far from Las Cruces. One of our favorites.

White Sands

After leaving the mountains we headed for the White Sands. There is a military base here and the government took over the area in WWII but this geologic formation is different. The weather wasn't great but we enjoyed it.

People with kids sliding down the dunes

A white van in the white sands.

Corby in the wind

Three Rivers

We spent the night in Tularosa at a winery where the guy was nice but the property was just OK. The next morning we drove just a few miles to this site. 600 years ago people lived here and drew on these rocks. For some reason they disappeared around 1300.

Sante Fe

The plan for Sante Fe was to stay in an AirB&B and enjoy the town. When we got there Santa Fe was shutdown!. We still enjoyed our time but it was not what was planned.


Much like Sante Fe, Taos was shutdown. You just have to appreciate the landscape.

NM's Loneleyest 150 Miles

See this

We left Sante Fe and drove the interstate to Las Vegas, NM. There we took NM 104 toward Tucumcari. None of these pictures will show you what it was like.

Palo Duro Canyon

Yes, we're back in Texas. This place was a surprise. We would have staid longer but they said they had no vacancies. I think in our current situation people book, but then they don't show up. I understand it but it makes it hard for people like us.

Black Kettle Grasslands

Where we are staying tonight.