Why Zope

I've used Zope for a long time now (almost 10 years). You'd think I would be really good at it by now but that's really not the case. I consider myself average but not expert. When I started with Zope it's through the web capabilites were what drew me in. I still think this is the best thing about Zope. If you're a site designer, trying to setup a space that makes it relatively easy for folks to add content and manage their own web presence, I'm not sure you can find anything better. Check out the mailing list to see what some others are saying.

Developers View

From a developers point of view it might be different. Zope is a big system but getting smaller every day. The people that create Zope are doing great job in breaking a large application into smaller, independant packages that can be used in any python project. Everybody likes their own framework, but I think Zope has a lot to offer.

Zope 2 and the Zope Toolkit

I use Zope 2 because I still think it's the best platform to help people put their content on the web. Zope allows users to manage their content "through the web". Most users like this becasue they're used to working in a web browser.

I don't use Plone becasue it adds a lot of weight and I've never been sucessful at getting enough people on board to merit it's use. That said, I think if I did have a lot of users to manage I would use Plone. For smaller groups you can get by with only Zope.

Zope Proudcts

Prodcuts are how you add functionality to Zope. I use COREblog, ZWiki and ZiddlyWiki everyday.

Below are links to some products that I've updated to work with Zope-2.12. I haven't added any value to the orginal prodcuts just got them to work with 2.12. They're just tar balls but I should learn to create eggs and do things right but until then...

ExternalFile and the LocalFS products allow you to store most Zope objects on the file sytem which makes your ZODB smaller and allows you work on files with your normal tools and editors. I work with XML and the ZopeXMLMethods allows you to apply XSLT to any XML documents that are available to Zope. It even allows you to do pipelines which is cool.

Updated Products for Zope-2.12