Slides from school http://phobos103.inf.uni-konstanz.de/xml15/

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The element[. contains text "example text"] will find the text any where in the element but does not use the full text index and is slow. element//[text() contains text "example text"] is very fast but doesn't search across text nodes. * I guess you could copy all text into a "full text" field if it was really important (this is what Solr does)


  • The client, server, and http server are setup in the .bashrc (use stop to quit)
  • memory is at 334 of 500 (with zope under 100 and java at 168)
  • using rest seem easy from any where
  • simple query can use GET more complicated use POST


  • You can set write back but can only update one element
  • It appears that the way to do updates is by copying, modifying, and then writing