RDFa Spec

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RDFa Lite

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Some Notes

  • title has to be in the head
  • @property and @content are the big ones that allow you to put machine readable metadata in the body
  • @rel using the known list but can also use a prefix for those not in the list

Which is the best RDF serialization for publishing RDF?

This depends on the context, as different serializations are better suited to different usage scenarios. For example, if humans need to read and write the data, then Turtle is probably the easiest serialization to use. For publishing data then RDF/XML is a good choice as it has widespread support in tools for consuming Linked Data. If the publishing infrastructure is limited to producing HTML documents, then RDFa? is the preferred serialization. By contrast, if data needs to be interchanged between systems at large volumes, such as when producing data dumps that may be loaded into a triple store, N-Triples are typically the best choice as they can be processed in a streaming fashion, one line at a time, without loading the whole data file into memory.

Media Type