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  • Infrastructure Team (SysAdmins?)
  • FrameWork Architecture Team
  • Development Team (Data, Logic, Web [ model, view, control ]
  • Build and Test Team
  • Support Team

Interest Groups form around what other stake holders want or see.

Do we understand what is "below" the very top level?

Cost of Education
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What is Research
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A real science, or any intelligent inquiry into the world, whether the study of earthquakes or the study of poetry, economics or physics, history or anthropology, art history or organic chemistry, a systematic inquiry into one's lover or a systematic inquiry into the Dutch language, must do two things. If it only does one of them it is not an inquiry into the world. It may be good in some other way, but not in the double way that we associate with good science or other good inquiries into the world, such as a detective solving a case. I am sure you will agree: An inquiry into the world must think and it must look. It must theorize and must observe. Formalize and record. Both. That's obvious and elementary. Not everyone involved in a collective intelligent inquiry into the world need do both: the detective can assign his dim-witted assistant to just observe. But the inquiry as a whole must reflect and must listen.

Secret Sins of Economics

(Mathematics and Philosophy are pure thinking?)

UNT Archictecture
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 #. Take N paths to METS files and process the given files and add them to Solr
 #. Take N paths to METS files and process delete the files from the Solr instances
+#. Take a resource id (e.g. metadc2000) and derive the location of the .mets.xml file from it
 #. Recursively walk a pairtree instance and process all `*mets.xml` files in the root of the non shorty or "object" 
    directory (in case there happened to be a something.mets.xml file uploaded as a digital object in the system)
@@ -46,4 +47,5 @@
 #. Metadata-Parsing Instructions based on Collection, Institution, System values.
 #. Number of files before commit 
+#. Filesystem location of PairTree root (This is really good) (OAI-RE)
Library Mottos
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"becoming a site of coordination instead of a source of information"

Affinity Strings
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OKI Interface Definitions
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Australian Mets Records
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JISC Service Model
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/filestore/uploads/webservices/client-realm.png /filestore/uploads/webservices/channel-realm.png /filestore/uploads/webservices/corporate-realm.png
Australian Service Model
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From a word document

What can be modeled by a concept
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Types of things in the world by Simon Grant is interesting. He calls this his "top ontology"

Librarians and Teaching
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Anyone who has ever helped anybody do almost any thing knows the good feeling that comes by helping. Do we do it enough to save us?

T.D. Wilson Information Behavior Model
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Map of Nano Science
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From Science Watch

Global Map of Science
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From Science Watch

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