Dublin Core as Linked Data
Posted on Nov 05 2009 17:18  / Dublin Core

Andy Powell has posted a piece about how simple dublin core has progressed. It not as simple as it was but it is still not all that hard. The question is how to you produce it, using a stripped down model inside and then generating a full blown mode for exchange. You just have to make sure you have all the information there from the start.

Micro Curation
Posted on Nov 10 2009 20:18  / Repositories

This is presentation by the California Digital Library people given over at Stanford. It has some pretty good slide.

Tim Berners-Lee
Posted on Nov 11 2009 14:31  / Semantic Web
1998 They've been talking about this for over 10 years and I still don't have a clue!
Scientific Symbols
Posted on Nov 13 2009 17:19  / Science

These links are very cool