It's been a while since I have thought about this but here is some basic information to get you started.

In order to become a relay host you have to have some MTA (Mail Transport Agent) software installed on your server. It's going to be Sendmail in FreeBSD? unless you install some other mail server software.

By default Sendmail is cranky about whom it relays mail for so you have to configure a few things to allow it to happen. The files that you want to work with are in the /etc/mail directory. They are:


    - The first file: Local-host-names

    This file will contain all the names your server may have beeen assigned directly or by DNS records.

    Here is what you might have for

    - The second file: relay-domains

    This file will contain all the domain names for whom you will relay email.

    Here is what you might have for the domain

    - The third file: access

    This file will conatin both domain names and ip addresses.

    Here is what you might have if your LAN has a rfc1918 address scheme of

    localhost.localdomain RELAY
    localhost RELAY RELAY

    The last thing you have to do is hash your access file to create an access.db file. To do that your simply type:

    <code>cd /etc/mail
    makemap hash access.db<access</code>


Used this for illiad delivery -- Mon, 09 Feb 2004 14:13:10 US/Eastern reply
Added this to the local server for now.