Checks on source file

  • What is the url of eadid pointing to?
  • Are they pointing to the DTD in the public header?


  • create web folder
  • create folder in zope pointing to new folder
  • edit https.conf for webdav to folder
  • create password for webdav user
  • restart the server
  • index.tkl
  • document.xsl (insert count from count.xml)
  • search.xsl (dropbox)
  • ead2dc.xsl

In Order to Automate

  • University Name
  • archive name
  • archive code
  • web directory (often different than code)
  • type of institution

need a web page to collect that info then append it to entities.xml

New Scripts - * extract code and web dir from entries then * loop over web directories and get count * output count.xml with code a count

Update index page - * Select dropdown

  • sort entries
  • create option element
  • use xslt to add the option to the template
  • Participating archive * create li from entries and then use xslt to update the template
Update document.xsl
  • use xslt to add template matching new repo
Update the web config
  • use xslt to at a location directive fir web day to config
  • use bash to add the directory and password
  • bash to restart the server