Can this become a "how-to"?


  • install rbenv globally ( the main thing is to change the RBENV_ROOT environment variable to /opt)


Solr wrapper installes in /tmp directory. The apt package is way old so I downloaded and installed in /opt

  • Install solr locally rather than solr_wrapper
  • Download the tar ball to home directory
  • extract and run bin/
  • this creates everything needed to run as a service
  • use service command to start
  • application in /opt/solr, data dir in /var/solr


rails new arclight -m

  • There seems to be a bug in this. I had to add "require rake" to config/application.rb (Bug? namespace error in backlight because of rake file)


rake demo:server # start development server rake demo:seed # drop indexes and reindex

SSH Tunnel

ssh -L 8080:<server-ip-address>:80 <username>@<remote-addr> -N