Bib 1 Semantics at LOC

Bib 1 Attribute Set at LOC

  1. Use Attributes
  2. Relation Attributes
  3. Position Attributes
  4. Structure Attributes
  5. Truncation Attributes
  6. Completeness Attributes
Attribute TypeType NumberValue RepeatableOccurrenceRoughly-corresponding Bib-1 Type
Access Point1list yesmandatory Use
Semantic Qualifier2list yesoptional (new)
Language3list yesoptional(new)
Content Authority4list yesoptional(new)
Expansion/Interpretation5list yesoptionalTruncation and some of Relation
Normalized Weight6numeric nooptional(new)
Hit Count7numeric nooptional(new)
Comparison8list nomandatorymost of Relation and part of Completeness
Format/Structure9list nooptionalStructure
Occurrence10numeric nooptional(loosely) Completeness
Indirection11list nooptional(new)
Functional Qualifier12list yesoptional(new)


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