System Size

  • I made /usr too small but so I need to watch it
  • It takes 3 disk , 3 floppies and the cd to get to the repair . Use the 3rd floppy to load the cd driver
(It only took half a day to figure that out. )


  • mount -t nfs -o rw library:/var/libweb /mnt/libweb


  • I need to learn more about this

Ports and Packages

  • portsdb -Uu after cvsup of ports
  • pkgdb -F to fix the package database
  • pkg_info to find out what is installed
  • pkg_version seem to do the samce thing ?
  • portupgrade, portinstall to keep things up to date.
  • portupgrade -rR <name>
  • cvsup -g -L 2 <supfile>
  • PortAudit?
  • cd /usr/ports# make search name=lsof

Sendmail Access File

Kernel Notes

  • kldstat - list drivers
  • kldunload
  • kldload -v smbfs

Database Notes

  • Does putting text here matter?

Postgesql DA

  • I had trouble with the DA being out of sync with pscopg . XXX Get the package names for this

Apache2 Notes

  • No longer comes with the proxy module enabled. Need to load the proxy and the proxy html moodules


  • Uses the ntpd daemon to keep system time. /etc/ntpd.conf


  • 1/18/2005 - I used sysintall and did a binary upgrade to get to 5.3
  • I then used a binary "security" update from the site below.
  • 1/18/2005 Upgraded all ports
  • Upgrade Script
  • Binary Upgrade