Because an IR is institutionally defined it has the potential to be a big tent!

The concept of a digital repository started in 1992 at the Los Alamos National Laboratory.[1]? The archive at has changed the course of scholarly publishing.

Along with digital publication there is a growing move toward open access for all scholarly publishing.[2]? The Open Access movement is definately something that we support. Eventually every WCSU student will have the same access to the world's research as students at todays top research institutions. This is a good thing. It is also likely that as research information become barrier free (no cost) library material budgets can be redeployed.

I mention the above because the impetus for creation of repositories was the researcher and providing access to research papers. While this is still one of the stakeholders that we hope to support we see the potential for the repository to provide access to more than research papers. Any object that has educational value we see as a candidate for the repository.

The diversity of objects creates demands on the functionallity and capabilities of the repository. It's our plan to start with the simplest thing that will work that provides what users want.

We hope to partner with University Computing and Media Services in developing a rich and diverse set of capabilites.

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