Knowledge is a text-based application

- Tim Bray

Promise of Technology

Technology used for Automation innovation Leading to increased productivity

James G. Neal It is important for academic libraries to understand and capitalize on the important advantages of the digital medium.5 These include:

Other noteworthy qualities include:

Critical reading, writing, and thinking require a critical pedagogy.

Traditionally, I have introduced critical practices into my computers-and-writing curriculum by focusing on the challenges networked computing poses to many of our basic ideological assumptions about the nature of reading and writing.



boiling water - Marx
we're adding heat but these doesn't seem to be any kind of change until we hit that boiling point.

Using GoodNames?

Complexity and Abstraction

and everything)

Stefan H. Holek

Tool, Names

Input comes from

Tools of the craft

Tool Space and Problem Space

Names and our ability to think about things.