Mastery, Creativty, Diversity, and Opportunity

We believe that the successful implementation of an institutional repository

will clearly demontrastes the four pillars that support the University.

The contents of a succesful IR will make obvious the breath and depth of the research and the teaching and learning taking place at Western. A sucessfull implementation of an IR will also demonstrate a certain level of mastery of using information technology to make availble the work of our faculty, staff and students.

To be sucessfull the IR will have to be creative in finding, creating, and developing the functions and features that will make willing contributors to the repository out of all members of the WCSU community.

An obvous measure of the sucess of an IR will be the diversity of the objects in the collection but in order to be successfull we will need to employ the diverse talents that are available to us through the community.

A sucessfull IR would demonstrte that we are able to take advantage of opportunity. The President's initative challenges us to look at our environment and bring the potential of that environment into being.