Systems Assistant Tasks March 19, 2012


Technical Services

  • work with OCLC, vendors, III, and WCSU staff to refine the ordering/cataloging processes, especially with regard to ebooks (have URL copied to item record, embed proxy info into URL, design template for loading ebook records, etc.)

[April 2012]?

Public Services

  • investigate/test federated search program (such as pazpar) to gather books, articles, documents in one query (can be combined with archives book collections request below)

[progress report/test environment May 2012]?

  • assist in redesigning library web site to accommodate federated search

[June 2012]?

  • investigate replacement(s) for ERes?

[July 2012]?


  • investigate integrating LibGuides? content with Blackboard LEARN environment, assess viability at WCSU

[August 2012]?

  • assess viability of upgrading TIP tutorial or recommend replacement

[August 2012]?

Special Projects

  • update requirements and project plan listed on wiki for digitization of CD collection

[June 2012]?

  • assist as needed with streaming video project development

[date TBD]?




  • investigate citation export of items in the inventory or add to a cart.
  • Investigate moving into a more RDF centric data paradigm

Digital object management

  • migrate objects and metadata from Zope into Omeka
  • migrate objects and metadata form DSpace? into Omeka
  • investigate means of archival storage of digital objects assist with a test implementation of Archivematica and perhaps other systems or home-grown systems to better manage digital objects.
  • Investigate better ways to provide page turner display of book-like objects maybe create a form for generating an Internet Archive page turner for items in a directory
  • Edit the bibliographic citation elements that Omeka generates if possible.

Book Collections

  • Assist in investigating a federated search for items in and pertinent to archival research at WestConn? - to gather books, digital objects, archival collections and specific vendor databases (NY Times, Academic Search Premiere, Google books, etc.)
  • investigate loading all items from Millennium that have a Archives associated location (whrb, whrr, whrav, whrf, whrfa, whctr) into an open source OPAC like koha-community, vufind, etc. to determine if practicable for the library as a whole and whether or if such a move would help or hinder the goal of a federated search.