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Could this be a new song.
Recorded July 21, 2017

A Simple Way to Build a Website with Just HTML and CSS

The current build is using the John Doe simple html template created by Gregory Cadars

I've done it just a little bit diffently. Rather than have one page for the whole site each section has a dedicated index.html file. I've creeated a directory for each section and as I add entries I just write a each section in it's own html fragement. When I finish adding my new section I edit the index file by hand to add the entry but I'm' planning on creating a simple build script which will sort the entries by date and build the index file. We'll see... That kind of goes away from John's idea of a single file but it is still pretty easy.


Vi Keybindings

sudo certbot renew every three months

Below is a blockquote

What does this look like? This time, Beshear briefed legislative leaders about an hour before announcing them to the public Wednesday. Lawmakers described the meeting as being told what was going to happen, not the governor asking for input or ideas.

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An example of a photo gallery with a lightbox.

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