"We are communicating really, really fast these days. Don't pretend that you can keep up with this field while waiting for others to explain it to you." - Roy Fielding

"Those who do not move, do not notice their chains" - Rosa Luxemburg

"A Perfection of means and a confusion of aims seems to be our main problem. (Albert Einstein)"

"The most successful war seldom pays for its losses." -- Thomas Jefferson

I think the above quote is true and I wish those people in charge of such things as starting wars would take this into account

Sol Dewitt at MassMoca


What you'll find here

Everybody needs some place to put their stuff, this is mine. There is nothing very exciting here but hopefully there will be some things to share.

Computers and Operating Systems

I've used a Mac since 1987 but have just recently changed to Linux and Fedora in particular. For most of my work this is not a problem.

I've always prefered FreeBSD running on servers but have managed machines running RedHat but have never loadded the gui. The main difference, at least to me, between Mac and Fedora is not the tools or capabilties but the visuals. Blame it on XWindows or something but the Mac Os is just better looking! I'm trying to get over it.


There is always my Photos. I try to keep up with these and I'm in the process of moving every thing to a new system.


I don't create web pages so much and I don't really blog but I take notes and try and keep them here on the web. While these notes are meant for my reference, like web pages and blog posts, you can tell what I'm interested in by looking at my notes.

I been using TiddlyWiki for several years now. It's great for keeping personal notes and work notes.

I've been running TiddlyWiki on top of Zope using Ziddlywiki ( but I think I'm the only one in the world still using this). If you don't know Tiddlywiki is a single page application and is pretty much ment for single person useage. Running it on top of Zope gives it a multiuser presence and allows me to update it from anywhere. A downside to TiddlyWiki is that though it appears to be multiple pages it really is a single file and Google does not index it well.