Journal Entries

Carolina Beach

We spent an easy three nights at the Carolina Beach State Park. The thing is it is not on the beach but on the Inter-coastal Waterway . It's a small park but most of the site are pretty nice by today's standards.

One thing that is different is that they burn the under-story which makes it look different from most places where the scrub pine and bushes create a thick mess. They had several carnivorous plants and the nature center.

We visited Corby's relatives (Uncles, Aunts and Cousin) whom we haven't seen in six years. Nice visits.

At the end of the peninsula is Fort Fisher. In the civil war one of the first things that the Federals did was block southern ports. Because of the nature of this river and the existence of the fort the blockade runners keep the port of Wilmington open for the entire war. It was a little bit interesting.