Journal Entries

Table For The Deck

It's a lovely day to day. This morning it was actually cold (59º).

We've got these tiny little "mites" all over outside. They can build a web overnight. It has also been wet this summer to we have lots of mushrooms in the yard.

We had this table up in the sharm (it not a shop and it's not a barn so somehow Corby called it a "sharm") that we haven't used in at least the last two summers but I dug it out to put on the newly finished deck. I sanded the top and put a couple of coats of urethane on. I painted the legs a satin black that I had sitting around for several years (oil based so hard to clean up) The good part about this table is that it has a section in the middle that collapses so for everyday use it doesn't have to be fully extended.