Journal Entries


Williamsburg was interesting but it is hard to imagine a real colonial village. The buildings have been preserved and restored so that approximate what a 1750–1850 building might have looked like. The style of architecture that was popular during this time was Georgian, which is characterized by the use of symmetry, proportion, and classical elements such as columns and pediments.

The thing that got me was this was a British colony so there was money, talent and technology! While these people where "adventurous" they were not like the American pioneers that started moving west from the coast. The French and the Spanish had been in the "New World" a hundred years before the English.

While is was not busy, there were still a lot of families there (I'd hate to see this place in the summe). You can visit the grounds for free but what you pay for is to be able to go into these shops and buildings where people are continuing to apprentice and learn these old trades. Everyone of the people we engaged with were talented, excited, and engaging.

We walked through the campus of William and Mary which is lovely. This is a public University like the University of Virginia and highly ranked. I was impressed.