Date Event Notes
2023-03-30 Orenaug Park - 41º Just a short library loop.
2023-03-29 Did laps on the driveway - 47º The drive is pretty steep so this was harder than just walking.
2023-03-28 Walked from the house - 45º Just walked north from the house.
2023-03-18 Lexington - 38º Back to winter.
2023-03-16 Lexington - 60º It was a nice day.
2023-03-15 Lexington - 47º It was a little warmer today
2023-03-14 Same walk as yesterday - 36º The horse farms are near by.
2023-03-13 Walked in Lexington - 34º Walked from Corby's dads house.
2023-03-09 Orenaug Park - 45º Walked the loop behind the library
2023-03-02 Walked in Litchfield - 46° The normal walk through town.
2023-02-27 Marzahl Refuge - 38° Short walk not far from the house.
2023-02-20 Three Rivers Park into Town - 57° Walked a street we have never walked and came out at the Glebe House
2023-02-18 Flander's Nature Center - 37° Walked the farm trail at Flander's but did it backwards.
2023-02-15 Bee Brook - 59° Walked the Bee Brook section of Steep Rock.
2023-02-14 Chohees Trace - 50° Walked up Chohees Trace today. It was a little different
2023-02-13 Scovil Pond Wolcott - 51° A 3.5 mile walk around a pond built in 1917 for the Scovil Co.
2023-02-10 Orenaug Park - 53° Walked the loop at Orenaug Park.
2023-02-09 Walked in Woodbury - 43° Walked from stop light to stoplight.
2023-01-31 Woodbury Walk - 32° Walked a different route today.
2023-01-30 Walked up Weekeepeemee - 50° Corby decided she didn't want to go.
2023-01-28 Walked at Blackrock - 46° This was a little steeper than we had first thought.
2023-01-26 Walked up Weekeepeemee - 39° Just walked up the road from the house.
2023-01-20 Walked in Town - 44° Saw the baby in the manger
He was sleeping thought it all
2023-01-18 - 55° Walk in White Woods We have skied here but never just walked.
2023-01-16 - 44° Walked Three Rivers Park into town I have no idea what kind of seed this is. It's a seed pod from a tree.
2023-01-15 - 38° Walked Flanders down at Whittemore You have keep you head down to watch the path for roots and rocks.
2023-01-14 - 32° Walked White Memorial Down to the beaver pond and back.
2023-01-11 - 36° Walked in Litchfield Up to the Forman School. Rich folks wrap their evergreens