Average December Temperatures for Woodbury

I was looking for what the normal weather was for this time of year ( it seems cold but probably not ) and a saw this site WeatherSpark They've got data for the whole year so I will check back to see. Anyway ...

December Average Temps

Energy Innovation

I often see this technologies that seem promising but you never hear of them again.


I've seen hydrogen as a source of energy for many years but this time seems different. The USGS has a paper that seems for real. The Potential for Geologic Hydrogen

Battery Technology

Can Flow Batteries Finally Beat Lithium?

Hierarchy of Innovation

This is an interesting graphic from Nicholas Carr. I'm not so sure about the hierarchy but more in just the classification of innovation.

Four Document Structure

The Divio Documentation Model states that documentation needs to be structured around four different functions.

  • tutorials and how-to guides are both concerned with describing practical steps

  • how-to guides and technical reference are both what we need when we are at work, coding

  • reference guides and explanation are both concerned with theoretical knowledge

  • tutorials and explanation are both most useful when we are studying, rather than actually working

United States Buget - 2022

Budget Basics

Brookings Explains the Basics This is from 2018 but is still relevant today.

Budget Crisis

The debit ceiling package of 2023 is not going to make it. Even liberal place like the NYT say we need to cut the deficit. By 2029, the government is on pace to spend more each year on interest than on national defense

2022 US Federal Budget

This thing is hard for me to read but if you look closely you can kind of tell where the money is going. On the income side you can see that the corporate side of income is very small. This is noticeable becuase they have such great influence on our country.

People On the Web

It may be people I don't want to read all the time but don't want to loose.

Find out about this FRANÇOIS CHOLLET

History of the Stock Market

History of the Stock Market

I found this image that I had store away in my files.

Canary in the Coal Mine

UK Museum of Science and Industry

Obviously we all have heard of this phrase but I've never seen the actual thing. This is from around 1896.


  • Dad 6–22–23,

    Mom 1–28–24

    • Gina 8–24–46, Bill 2–23–46
      Megan 3–3–77
    • Greg 8–12–47
    • Kevin 12–23–48, Kathy 2–25–52
      Stephanie 12–11–67, Donnie 12–15–64 Drew 4–15–92, Katie 8–25–94, Will 9–24–01
      Aaron 5–29–70, Kristopher 8–13–73, Jeannine 6–00–73
    • Kris 8–14–51
    • Brian 2–1–53, Corby 11–18–54
    • Jeff 10–26–55
    • Carey 10–9–62 Patrick 9–20–84 Cullen 6–10–87

  • Ginny 10–2–26
  • Pic 9–14–27


  • 11–28–1943-Maureen Culleton Ritenour

  • 9–1–1946-Terry Culleton

  • 8–8–1950-Mark Culleton

  • 4–3–1952-Eric Culleton

  • 10–23–1954-Michael Culleton

  • 5–12–1956-Shawn Culleton

  • 1–19–1946-Kathy Donovan Honacki

  • 3–7–1947-Pat Donovan

  • 3–6–1954-Colleen Donovan

  • 8–23–1946-Michelle Aland

  • 9–20–1948-Jane Austin McKinnon

  • 4–13–1953-Gerard Keating

  • 4–24–1956-Tim Keating

  • 6–8–1954-Scott Paul Murrie

  • 10–23–1955-Tom Polites

  • 11–13–1956-Sheila Garred

  • 5–14–1958-Eileen Garred

  • 1–10–1959-Jimmy Austin

  • 1–30–1959-Christopher James Murrie

  • 5–5–1961-Barbara Murrie Gaither

  • 4–13–1961-Larry Garred

  • 10–9–1962-Carey Kennison

  • 6–16–1963-Michael Donovan