2023 Spring Trip

April 20th to June 2nd

This was just a short trip, six weeks! We went down to Delaware, along the Chesapeake in Maryland and Virginia, then the beach in North Carolina and South Carolina, the mountains in North Carolina, over the mountains to Kentucky, out to Illinois, back to Indianapolis, to Western Pennsylvania, to the Finger Lakes Region in New York and then home.

Flowers in Bloom

It was late Spring and the flowers where still in bloom at Longwood Gardens.

Inside the Conservatory

It was a pretty day.

Is it Paris or Longwood Gardens?

A look down the boulevard.

Williamsburg Village

"Want a horse,
Want a sheep,
Want to get me a good night's sleep,
Living in that home in the heart of the country."

Colonial Architecture

Clay is everywhere in Virginia and brick was the building material of choice.

College of William and Mary

This campus was really nice (and old). I thought it was a private college but it is a state public school. It was graduation day.

On the York River

Time to get some oysters.

Tidewater Oysters

Good but not the best I've ever had.

Smithfield Virginia

Lots of these in this small town. Home of peanuts and hams (now owned by the Chinese).

Isn't She Lovely

Lunch in Chapel Hill

On UNC Campus

What do you call that thing?

One of the Quads at Duke

There are many lovely spots on this campus.

Museum at Duke

María Berrío
Syzygy, 2017
Collection Nasher Museum of Art. [Duke University]
About this collage

Slave Quarters

Circa 1858 -- Stagville Plantation, Durham, NC

Governor's Mansion Raleigh

Nice section of town.

North Carolina Museum of Art

It was a rainy day and a great way to spend the afternoon.

We Stopped At the Whiskey Kitchen

I got a beer and she got a glass of wine. Oh well....

Carolina Beach NC

Sand walking trail.

Horse Rescue Farm

Another boon-docker's site. This woman rescues wild horses from all over the east.

Coquina Shells at Pawleys

I've never seen so many coquina and they were alive!


North end of Pawleys.

English Tea

They crowned a King that morning.

PineTop at Pawleys

This was the house we lived in at Pawleys when we were first married. It didn't look like this at all. They have done a nice job.


It's the big town.

Barbecue for Dinner

We met friends in Shelby NC.

Home of Earl Scruggs

Shelby has a great tribute to their native son. Stop if you are close by.

Tryon International Equestrian Center

Just off the highway and we stopped for lunch.

Show Jumper

People used to ride horses every day. Now we don't.

Brevard NC

Pisgah National Forest

Looking Glass Falls

Easy to get to.

C.C.C. Building

Civilian Conservation Core building at Norris Dam in Tennessee. It was going to host a wedding the day we visited.

Cumberland River

Looking up the river from DuPont Lodge at Cumberland Falls State Park KY

Limestone Layers

The whole area is just layers of limestone.

Cumberland Falls

No moon-bow but it is still pretty cool.

Dad's Home

This was once my parents home in Corbin. KY. Yes Jeff, this hill is steeper than this picture depicts.

Baloney Sandwich

Got a 'Holler Baloney Sandwich' in Corbin KY. That is a lot of baloney, but it really wasn't that bad.

Eating Lunch at Transy

For $5 you get a great lunch at Transylvania College cafeteria.


I tended bar there when I went to college. Richmond, KY. I hadn't seen most of these guys in 50 years.

Dinner Afterward

Jack had a good time.

Downtown Champaign

Corby and I walked around Champaign IL. It is a pleasant little town.


Corby and Roger

That's Roger Ebert the film critic.

Who Knew

More of Champaign

Carmel Indiana

Bike friendly.

Patrick and Cullen and Me

Patrick bought dinner, I owe him one. (Indianapolis IN)

Patrick's School

This is a high school but it feels more like a college campus.

Massachusetts Avenue in Indy

Cool street where we rented bikes.

Raccoon State Park

Camped here to see Bill and Megan the next day. Interesting little place.

Keegan's Birthday Party

The boys had a paintball outing.

That's Keegan

The one in the middle. He was 14.

Silver Spring Lake NY

It was a "Boon-Dockers Welcome" host.

Fire By the Lake

Corby took this picture (among others).

Boat Ride

Our hosts took us out on their boat the next morning.

Genesee Falls

Letchworth State Park. Worth going to if you are close.

Genesee River Gorge

The Upper Falls


Wine Tasting

Dr. Konstantin Frank winery was good but not great. He was an early developer on Seneca Lake.

Tasting Room View

Hermann J. Wiemer winery. I could have bought the whole place. Good wines done in interesting styles considering this is the east coast.

Anthony Road

They had the best setup for tasting (flights)

Anthony Roads Winery

Montour Falls NY

They don't make buildings like this any more.

Taughannock Falls

Tallest falls east of the Mississippi at 215 feet. Just outside of Ithaca NY.